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Surveys that gather employees' feedback to enhance e a positive company culture

ICM is the most comprehensive People Decision Support System (PDSS) that helps decision-makers to make better decisions for developing employee experience and organizational culture. 


Eliminate uncertainty when analyzing your employee survey data

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Maximize the benefits of your employee survey software

  • The worldwide benchmark for measuring employee engagement.

  • The worldwide benchmark for measuring employee engagement.

  • The most reputable benchmark data for company culture.

Comprehensive employee survey software that offers actionable insights

Measure your OHBI then compare to competitors and top workplaces

  • Our employee survey software gathers measurable, data-driven information on your company culture.

  • You can compare your results with those of the Companies and utilize our industry benchmarking data to gauge your culture against competitors.


Enhance your company culture decision-making process with employee feedback

  • Analyze employee data based on department, job role, managerial level, and other factors to reveal patterns and discrepancies in the employee experience.

  • Identify and comprehend regional differences in your company culture with worldwide employee surveys, available in 50 languages.

  • Historical data and benchmarking illustrate how your employee experience evolves over time.

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your culture initiatives using detailed and persuasive data from employee engagement surveys


Effortlessly create and initiate your first employee engagement survey in no time

  • Begin by using our proven OHBI Index statements, then add your own custom statements and demographics.

  • You can create and launch an employee satisfaction survey within minutes, on demand.

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