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The OHBI Lab

OHBI is a research laboratory specialized in the field of
organizational and industrial psychology, with a focus on
promoting a healthy place to work. It comprises a team
of international researchers who aim to disseminate their
findings through scientific research publications. The
laboratory's primary research focus is on the
Organizational Health Behavior Index (OHBI), which is
widely disseminated through the Sustainability Journal
and recognized by , a reputable outlet for
sustainability-related research and EAWOP - European
Association of Work and Organizational Psychology.


Why Healthy Place to Work ?

1. OHBI Score
2. Organizational Culture
3. Employee Engagement
4. Employee Persona
5. ENPs Score
6. Resignation Prediction Score


Be recognised nationally, to attract
top talentsbest practices from leadingorganizations globally


Our OHBI Index© Survey is taken
by Thousands of employees
annually and our Healthy Place to
Work® model has guided research
on workplace culture for years


Unparalleled benchmarking data
and best practices from leading
organizations globally

Organizational Health Behavior Index (OHBI)TM

Organizational Health Behavior Index (OHBI)


was created to measure and tracks seven elements that drive organizational health, Performance excellence and discover the organizational culture. It provides a simple but powerful road map for leaders and managers to improve their organizations. Organizational health refers to an organization's ability to cope with change and continue to function with high performance and maintain healthy workplace culture.

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(OHBI)TM Sub-Factors

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Discovering organizational culture

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Employees satisfaction

Employer Net Promoter Score, (eNPS)  is a scoring system designed to help employers measure employee satisfaction and loyalty within their organizations. It is based on the Net Promoter Score system from Bain & Company, Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld, that gauges customer loyalty. The percentage of detractors is then subtracted from the percentage of promoters, and the final number represents the organization’s Employer Net Promoter Score. eNPS scores can range from +100 (all responses are promoters) to -100 (all responses are detractors).

Resignation Prediction Model

The Resignation Prediction Model is an indicator developed through the analysis of the factors that have the greatest impact on an employee's decision to resign. Using artificial intelligence, the model processes over 58 parameters to accurately predict an employee's likelihood of resigning with a high accuracy rate of 93%. The model is able to recognize patterns in an employee's response and behavior, allowing it to predict their decision to leave the company. This tool can be useful for organizations to take proactive steps in retaining their valuable employees and improving overall employee satisfaction.

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Performance excellence

The Employee Chemistry Segmentation Framework is a method of clustering employees based on two axes, Organizational Health Behavior Index (OHBI) and employees performance. This approach helps classify employees into specific categories.The segmentation is designed to guide targeted action efforts.

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OHBI Outcomes

The Organizational Health Behavior Index (OHBI) solution provides detailed findings for how your organization is performing on the seven elements of organizational health, related to performance. These findings include ‘painful’ points as well as best practices for business units, regional groups, gender classes, employee tenure clusters, and organizational layers.

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