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Do your best candidates seem to accept job offers from other companies instead of yours?

Healthy Place to Work Certification® can give you an advantage and increase your chances of attracting highly qualified candidates to your organization.

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Why Us

Currently, employees are seeking a workplace that prioritizes their well-being and offers a healthy environment, as opposed to simply being a "Great Place to Work".

What is Healthy Place To Work Certification?

Healthy Place To Work Certification is awarded to employers who excel in creating a remarkable employee experience and healthy organizational culture.


The certification process involves two steps, which are surveying employees through ICM system and completing a brief questionnaire about the work culture initiatives.

Since employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores, being certified assists job seekers in recognizing companies that genuinely offer an exceptional work culture.

Moreover, certification provides employers with a recruiting edge by offering a globally recognized and research-backed confirmation of providing an exceptional employee experience.


How to earn Certification


 Step 01

Survey your employees

Select a two-week period to launch the OHBI Index™, our research-backed employee experience survey.

 Step 02

Complete the Culture Brief

Complete a brief survey regarding your company culture and workforce.

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The Journey to Healthy Workplace Begins Here
Ready to survey your employees?

Tell us a little about your company, and someone from our team will be in touch soon.

Certification Eligibility Requirements

  • - The Subscriber must make the survey accessible to their employees, either online or in paper form.

  • - The Subscriber must have at least 20 employees, and if the total employee count is 50 or less, they should survey 90% of the employees.

  • - For larger companies, they should select a representative sample of employees across all levels and demographics to prevent bias toward any one group; they should survey at least 75% of the employees.

  • - The Subscriber will be certified as a Healthy Place to Work once they have completed a valid survey with an overall average score of at least 70%, submitted the culture assessment, and published the Healthy Place to Work Review.

Once are certified

Promote and celebrate your certification
  •  After meeting our criteria and employee feedback   benchmark, you will receive the exclusive  designation of being a Healthy Place To Work Certified company.

  • Once Certified, you will have access to a range of employer branding tools and promotiona              resources, including:

  • A personalized, royalty-free Certification badge that can be utilized in all of your recruitment campaigns and assets

  • A digital toolkit containing social media images, press materials, shareable content, and other useful resources

  • A Certification Celebration kit complete with party materials

  • Access to co-branded merchandise and more.

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